Specialized Packing

What does it look like to pack and move?

We take extra care to make sure all items are loaded, unloaded and delivered without any damage. Our team of packing and moving experts can safely wrap any item big or small and properly prepare it for moving.  Every piece of furniture is wrapped and padded.  We take extra measures to protect your floor, doorways and walls when moving items in and out of your location. We roll out protective carpet and cardboard as well as protective shoe covers to prevent scuffs and scratches to your floor. Our movers are experienced and ready to handle to move specialty items that require additional crating including building custom crates.

 High Definition Televisions

We understand how precious your home television and entertainment system can be and we want to fully protect them.   Our movers will bubble wrap the television, put an additional wrap of blankets and tape and finally cardboard.

Bed frame and mattress set

You spend as much as 1/3 of your life in bed and we want to protect that investment. Our movers will carefully disassemble the set on site, and wrap each piece of the frame in blankets and tape. We’ll also wrap the mattress in a cover as well as blankets because we want to keep your bed clean and in perfect condition.

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Various Household Furniture

Obviously your bed and television aren’t the only items we’ll be packing and moving. Here is a variety of different household items: wall art, couch, piano, dining room table and chairs etc.

We take pride in making sure that each item is professionally wrapped and protected for your move.

Dining Room Table & Chair


Artwork & Customized Crates

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